Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hair dry care - get solution here

Annoyed with the hair dry and rough? Dry hair is a problem that is troublesome because it will make the hair look messy and difficult to manage, especially if you have long hair.

Dry hair problems do require extra care and attention to be addressed, but this does not mean that you can not dry the hair fresh again. Dry hair itself arises because it is caused by many things, ranging from the use of cosmetics is wrong, terlelu often exposed to the sun, until the hair because the lack of nutrition. But in general, the error in the selection of cosmetics is the leading cause hair to become dry.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Selecting lingerie for Health.

Many young girls may have felt confused when it comes to buying new lingerie. It currently has a wide range of colorful patterns.  How, they can choose to suit the body andhealthy in the long term. The doctor has given instructions that  “the good bra when put to the breast should be all wrapped the whole breast , can not see the groove bust, not too tight and not loose which most  a simply design of bra”. And the breast should be measured every time before buying a bra because breast size is constantly changing with age, Weight and hormone Breast and the most important if the two breast  are not equal, you should choose a bra that fits the larger breast, to prevent strangulation from Bra that’s too tight. This may result in the loss of the breast deformity and for the smaller breast can be added a sponge to a bra.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Health benefits of sushi

Talk about Japanese cuisine, sushi is one of the most popular. Dish consisting of rice and raw fish meat or seafood is considered a simple dish but so delicious. Not only that, also turned out to be very healthy sushi. In fact the whole of the materials used to make sushi row contains nutrients that are beneficial to health. Similarly, the accompanying dishes.

Reported RocketNews24, here are some ingredients and side dishes sushi makers and their health benefits.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to thicken hair naturally

The thickness of the hair is actually more influenced by genetic factors. However, some problems such as hair loss, dry hair, and limp hair can make your hair look disheveled and thin even though you have thick hair types.

For women, hair is like a crown which has its own charm. No wonder if some women are willing to give much attention to the health and beauty care for their organs this one. One of the criteria is usually seen from the hair beauty hair thickness. Of course hair that looks heavy and thick will look more attractive than thin hair and rarely grow, especially if you have a round face shape and slightly larger.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Fitness Model Skincare Secrets

skin care
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

7 ways to speed hair grow - get your thick hair naturally

Are you tired of having hair that grows thin and sparse? Thin hair that tends to be seen more easily than dry and dull hair dense and thick. Thin hair itself is usually caused by several things, from the start due to genetic influences due to hair loss problems.

To that end, below we will give some tips and how to care for your hair in order to get a dense and thick hair.

1. Avoid Excessive Caffeine

Consuming foods and beverages that contain too much caffeine can lead to hair loss. For that, as much as possible avoid consuming too much food or drinks with excessive caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks. Instead, you should drink lots of water so your hair moisture and fertility can always be maintained.

2. Pay attention to your shampoo

To get a fuller head of hair, you should choose a shampoo that has a label extra body shampoo, volumizing shampoos, hair extra volume, as well as Bodifying. Shampoo that has the label usually contain active chemicals that can make hair become more dense.