Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not enough sleep can cause to obesity.

Research has clearly indicated that People sleeping 4 hours a day, or less than 73% likely to be obese.

Have revealed that People sleeping less than 5 hours per day can cause weight gain beyond standard. And potentially obese than those who sleep normally up to 50% due to sleeping less than 5 hours to send out more insulin hormone after a meal. And process the sugar Coast to slow down. When insulin levels are high. Thus increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The research found that people who do not have 7-8 hours of sleep each night with two half times more likely to have abnormally high blood sugar. Which is associated with diabetes.

For those sleeping 6 hours per day with a high risk of obesity than to sleep normally around 23%.

In addition, the study also found that People are sleeping less than the standard body mass index. Shows that sleep is one of the reasons causing the accumulation of fat in the body.

Although it brings factors such as Exercise, Alcohol consumption, ethnicity, age and sex are considered by then. It still appears that The more people sleep much less likely to be more obese increased only

Chief researcher These results agree that seem contrary to common understanding.

sleep  night
One told researchers that it is not easy to explain. Just as people who do not sleep for a long does the easier it is something to enter the mouth and enter the stomach even more.

Increasing scientific evidence to show that. Relevant parties during sleep with the nervous system. Commander who took control of food into the body.

The researchers explained that Previous research has indicated that this condition is not enough sleep can cause Leptin hormone levels decreased by the hormone, this is a command to control the appetite, weight and tell the brain that is how much power remains in the body.

However, people are not sleeping enough is a Ghrelin hormone levels rise.
With this hormone is responsible for making people want to eat.

As a result, sleeping less could become a trigger to add to the body increased food intake and keep the fat out.

Sleep quality was not only the number of hours. But the key is to sleep deep is the most healthy thing.

It has been said that laughter and a good sleep are the best cures, described in the doctor’s book.

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