Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hair dry care - get solution here

Annoyed with the hair dry and rough? Dry hair is a problem that is troublesome because it will make the hair look messy and difficult to manage, especially if you have long hair.

Dry hair problems do require extra care and attention to be addressed, but this does not mean that you can not dry the hair fresh again. Dry hair itself arises because it is caused by many things, ranging from the use of cosmetics is wrong, terlelu often exposed to the sun, until the hair because the lack of nutrition. But in general, the error in the selection of cosmetics is the leading cause hair to become dry.

health of your hair

Below will be explained a little bit about some of the ways to treat dry hair to be soft and refreshed.

Selective Choosing Cosmetics

Cosmetics is meant here is for hair cosmetics, such as hair treatment products and shampoos. Selection of the wrong hair care products can be fatal due to the chemicals contained in these products is not necessarily suitable for the type of hair you have. For it is better to seek advice from a doctor first if you want to perform a special treatment on your hair.

 Never Too Frequent shampooing

Naturally, the scalp will produce oil that serves to maintain the hair moisture. If you are too frequent shampooing, the hair's natural moisture will diminish and even disappear. That is because the shampoo will absorb the oil in your scalp so that the moisture will cause the hair to be reduced. To that end, consider the frequency of your shampoo, shampooing every other day is enough.

Use conditioner after shampooing

As explained earlier, a dry shampoo to give effect to the hair. For that do not ignore the importance of using a conditioner for your hair. Conditioner itself serves to protect and maintain hair's natural moisture of your hair. For that, get used to wearing any conditioner after shampooing to avoid dry hair.

Careful Using Hair Dyes

Hair dye can make your hair lose moisture. This is because the hair dye can prevent the absorption of water and oil into the hair, so the hair will become dry and rough. But if forced to use a dye, try to always wear a diligent conditioner.

 Enough Water Consumption and Food Items

Water is very important for the health of your hair. Consuming enough water will make the hair remains protected moisture so it will not dry easily. In addition to water, also meet your vitamin E intake. Vitamin E can be obtained from nuts and green vegetables.

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