Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to thicken hair naturally

The thickness of the hair is actually more influenced by genetic factors. However, some problems such as hair loss, dry hair, and limp hair can make your hair look disheveled and thin even though you have thick hair types.

For women, hair is like a crown which has its own charm. No wonder if some women are willing to give much attention to the health and beauty care for their organs this one. One of the criteria is usually seen from the hair beauty hair thickness. Of course hair that looks heavy and thick will look more attractive than thin hair and rarely grow, especially if you have a round face shape and slightly larger.

Here are some tips and ways for those of you who want to get thick hair.

hair naturally
Pay attention to your nutrition intake
Mineral zinc (zinc) and iron proved to be beneficial to nourish your hair. The second intake of these minerals is very important, especially for those of you who have problems with hair loss and baldness. In addition to minerals, you should also increase the intake of vitamin E you. Vitamin E can be obtained from the grain; zinc can be obtained from fish, while you can get iron from spinach.

Eat Avocados
Avocados are rich in vitamins A, B, and E, as well as vegetable protein which can be beneficial to strengthen and make hair become more dense. In addition Can be eaten directly, also avocado hair mask you can make a way melumatkannya then applied to the hair. Of avocado hair mask will make your hair more shiny and avoid dry hair.

Aloe Vera
It is common knowledge if aloe vera is being used to maintain healthy hair. Meat aloe vera is rich in a variety of proteins and minerals you can use your hair as an external treatment. The trick, then mash the flesh of aloe vera used to smear all over the hair. If this routine aloe vera mask you use, then your hair will be more healthy.

Coconut water, especially from young coconut has a lot of iron and other minerals that are good for health. Essential minerals contained in these young coconuts can accelerate blood circulation around the head and hair to retain moisture. To feel the benefits of coconut water for hair, you can drink it straight or can be used for shampooing.

Use Tamarind Seed
The content of the hazelnut oil can make your hair become more healthy. The trick, pecan mashed beans and boil until until smooth out the oil. The oil that came out of the pecan seed were used to smear the hair and scalp. If regularly used one time every day, your hair will look more black and dense.

The white part of watermelon flesh you can use as a mask to treat your hair. The way you just take the white part of the watermelon flesh and mashed. Once it used to smear all the hair and rinse thoroughly after settling for 15 minutes.

Pay attention to your Hair Care Products

Now, there are already a lot of hair care products that you can get to suit your needs. Using these products are actually good, but you also have to consider whether you use beauty products that suit your hair type or not. One of selecting beauty products can make your scalp irritation may even baldness.

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