Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Healthy Snack Ideas

Not sure what the best options are for healthy snack ideas?

Do you feel the desire to snack around the same time everyday?

Check out our suggestions for healthy and satisfying snack time!

snackMost of us have been given negative information about snacking. Hope this makes you feel better to know that you should be eating every 3-4 hours!

Translation? You need a small snack in between meal times to keep up your metabolism. Another benefit? Since you are not starving yourself in between meals, you will not attack your food as if you haven't eaten in months! You are more likely to eat an appropriate recommended serving size and healthy option for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pretty sweet benefits for snacking, right?

Try to pay attention to what times of day you feel famished. If you feel you can't make it to 11am, try having a little stronger breakfast and a snack at 10:30am, so you will have a moderate appetite for lunch.

I will say this, for evening snackers, ask yoursel if you are just bored, or mindlessly eating as you watch tv, read, etc. Try having a glass of water, and if your still hungry, try a healthy snack before heading to bed.

So on to our recommendations! Try pairing a carbohydrate with a protein. This will help you get satisfied, and stay satisfied until you have your next small meal in a couple of hours. Try to keep snack options below 200-300 calories.

Here are our healthy snack ideas!

    Fruit and veggies are always great option. Depending on the fruit, you usually need a protein to feel
satisfied. Try sliced apples, baby carrots, fresh berries, banana, cantaloupe, etc.
    Try filling foods such as a cup of grapes. The water content helps with satisfactio level.
    Pair veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, or sliced peppers with hummus or fat free black bean dip for dipping.
    Pair veggies or fruit with a dairy, such as low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese, yogurt, or a slice of cheese.
healthy ideas    Reduced fat peanut butter is a good source of protein. Pair it with fruit (my favortie are apples and banana with peanut butter) or veggies. Also try a whole wheat english muffin with reduced fat peanut butter...yummy and a whole wheat serving!
    Unsalted nuts such as almonds or walnuts are easy snacks on the go. I can be relatively lazy, and just buy the 100 calorie pack (pre-portioned) of almonds.
    Fruit loaded smoothie! (May even be used as part of a small meal.) Just beware of store made smoothies, they can pack in a lot of hidden calories very quickly. Ask for nutrition information if your not sure.
    I love a lot of salsa with a small handful of whole wheat tortilla chips or even an ounce of low sodium turkey, slice of low fat cheese, and salse. Roll it up, and enjoy!
    Take note evening snackers: 94% fat-free microwave popcorn, or air-popped popcorn. It take a while to eat, its filling, and is a good source of daily fiber needs.

Skip the vending machine, and try adding some of our healthy snack ideas to your daily routine. Plan ahead if you know that your access to healthy snack options are limited. Bring one of your own tasty snacks with you.

Happy Snacking!

Side note: This does not give you the go-ahead to eat everything in sight, every second of the day. Stick with eating every 3-4 hours to stay on a healthy track.

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