Monday, March 14, 2016

Selecting lingerie for Health.

Many young girls may have felt confused when it comes to buying new lingerie. It currently has a wide range of colorful patterns.  How, they can choose to suit the body andhealthy in the long term. The doctor has given instructions that  “the good bra when put to the breast should be all wrapped the whole breast , can not see the groove bust, not too tight and not loose which most  a simply design of bra”. And the breast should be measured every time before buying a bra because breast size is constantly changing with age, Weight and hormone Breast and the most important if the two breast  are not equal, you should choose a bra that fits the larger breast, to prevent strangulation from Bra that’s too tight. This may result in the loss of the breast deformity and for the smaller breast can be added a sponge to a bra.

Bra Health.
Fabric : should be buying a bra with the fabric feels comfortable when wearing such as

cotton, nylon fabric, because these kind of fabric are soft, no skin irritation, good for

ventilate ,so comfortable to wear.

Brassiere design : multi-design would respond to different body such as

-          Underwire Bra  : Ideal for large breast women, It helps support the breast and lift the breast  shape.

-          push-up bra : Ideal for small breasts women and the chest not the shape. It is also good for the large breasts,  because It helps maintain the shape of the breast.

-          Full cub bra : The full cub bra is suitable for full bosom women or women who have breast hills, it covers most of the breasts and make you feel fitted and agile movement.

-          Demi Cup bra : The Demi Cub Bra can covers  only half the breasts, so its ideal for women who do not have breast hills because it allows a more beautiful breast shape.

Currently most women, especially teenagers often buy lingerie fashion rather than considering their own health and body. If you put it on a regular basis may adversely affect health, life and personality.

Disorders caused by wearing a too tight bra.

-          Muscle pain around the breast, was caused by strangulation of the breast.

-          Have a small breasts shape and have a less number of cells which use for generating  milk For the yong women, the body has not fully grow, The wearing of push up bra or wearing a too tight bra will caused the cells that use for generating of milk destroyed. And if a lot of damage could cause the size of a small chest or unusual shapes.

-          Diseases of the skin fungus Wearing a too tight lingerie make it less convenient for air circulation around the breast and therefore generate heat, damp from sweat and cause itching and fungus.

The problem of wearing a bra is not suitable for the body.

-          Migraine disease caused by neck dress in layers that are not suitable for body Or a fine line in Bra does not fit. Resulting in headache and neck pain. If worn often, and if let the symptoms chronically may lead to Migraine Disease .

-           Pain in the shoulder and neck, fashion bra with the small strap type may not support  the full weight of the chest, therefore not suitable for people with large breasts because it allows the shoulders and spine too much weight and will causes pain in the shoulder and neck.

 Warning signal when to change your bra.

-          The shoulders were pressed as redness by the bra’s line. This is a sign warning that a line of  Bra does not fit to the body.

-          A wire in Bra pressed the central chest bone, Especially women with central breast bone obviously appeared  for this case the bra should change in underwire bra type which put only a semi -wire in the cup.

-          Found  redness of lingerie around the body. Indicates that the bra band is too tight or the bra size is smaller than the chest and body.

Moreover, you should choose a bra to suit your activity, such as on weekdays, with no more movement you can put a push up bra but in the days to exercise you should wear lingerie that is suitable for exercise, especially

Sleeping time does not need to wear a bra. But if a person with large breasts can put underwear which designed for sleeping time to prevent deforming of breasts

If you would like to have a healthy  breast and it’s in good shape. Just started simple conscious to choose the suitable lingerie for your body and shape.

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