Sunday, March 13, 2016

Health benefits of sushi

Talk about Japanese cuisine, sushi is one of the most popular. Dish consisting of rice and raw fish meat or seafood is considered a simple dish but so delicious. Not only that, also turned out to be very healthy sushi. In fact the whole of the materials used to make sushi row contains nutrients that are beneficial to health. Similarly, the accompanying dishes.

Reported RocketNews24, here are some ingredients and side dishes sushi makers and their health benefits.

Health sushi


As already widely known, fresh fish meat rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as many other beneficial nutrients. Eating fish meat are routinely able to nourish the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Not only that, the fish is also beneficial lowering cholesterol level and prevent high blood pressure.

Rice vinegar

The rice used to make sushi is rice vinegar rice that has been given a slightly sour taste that is able to enhance the flavor of the fish flesh. For information, rice vinegar has a very high antibacterial effects as well as beneficial lowering blood pressure levels.


Gari, or pickled ginger are also commonly enjoyed as a companion dish of sushi. Do not ever eat sushi without this special pickled gari because it can increase the body's immune system and prevent the flu and cough.


Eating sushi would not be complete without soyu or soy sauce. Soyu contain protein and high in iron. Not only that, soyu also able to assist digestion and kills bacteria in the stomach.


Some types of sushi roll sushi like using nori or dried seaweed to wrap rice. Nori can improve metabolism and is rich in vitamins, minerals and iodine.


When making sushi, the chef used to give a bit of wasabi to enhance the flavor of sushi and a touch of spicy flavor. But it turns wasabi also has health benefits because it is rich in vitamin C and contain antibacterial substances.


There is a reason why ordinary Japanese people eat sushi while drinking a glass of ocha or green tea. The typical Japanese drink very good for digestion and contains antioxidants catechins are effective in eliminating bacteria Vibrio, bacteria that commonly cause food poisoning.

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