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Wonders of honey Benefits of honey

Wonders of honey

 honeyIn modern Roman Empire, Honey has the equivalent of gold  and can be used to pay taxes instead of gold. Honey is a healthy food. Honey acts as both food and medicine at the needed time. And every home tend to always stored honey in their kitchen.
Drop of yellow gold was produced from the crowd bee tens of thousands of tickets out of the nest comb to find the nectar from flowers, hundreds of thousands of flowers every dawn a new day is a source of great food,  to become a legend in health for a long time.

Benefits of honey

Vitamins: honey is a center of vitamins such as Vitamin B 1, Vitamin B 2 ,Vitamin B 3, Vitamin B 5 Vitamin B 6, Vitamin C, which provides power to work , Balance your body and mind and makes skin, hair and muscle strength.

Excellent sources of carbohydrates: honey contains fructose and glucose, which is a Mono saccharide that the body  can absorb to use directly, Ideal for people with debility.

Hydrogen compounds : a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria in Ancient times, people are using honey as antibiotics, instead of the current popularity of antibiotics used in acne care widely.

Energy consumption of honey.

choose honey
Healthy breakfast with honey :  Peole  who felt tired in the morning or no energy. To start your new day, try adding honey to a food or drink a little. In addition to the energy absorbed by the body easily, there are vitamins that help increase the brightness as well. For example, eating bread wheat with honey or  put honey sauce on your mixed fruit dish, Will allow more fresh.

Honey drink called power during the day : Honey helps to refresh and relieve fatigue from work. Quick Tips. Just add honey to a healthy drink lovers like Honey Lemon, Soy Milk & Honey or fill in the  fragrant tea taking it mellow but do not add too much. This may cause extra weight.

Tips to choose honey.

An easy way to see if it is honey or artificial honey are as follows
1. Try to smell ,for testing that the honey have the fragrance of flowers or not.  Honey should have a honey aroma of  flowers ,that bees go out  to collect nectar.

2. Characteristics of the viscosity of honey is required whether it is at room temperature or  hot temperature and should not contain impurities even bee or pollen.

3. Honey must be homogeneous, same color as all the bottle, not crystallize or separate light and dark color. the color of honey should be natural light. If you see a black honey. The assumption that the old honey which the benefits are to be reduced.

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